Improved Sliver Remover for the food service industry and industrial kitchens!

Slitmaster and Sliver Remover

The Sliver Remover SR2 4/1750, equipped with four rollers, is extremely popular among food retailers and mass caterers due to its compact and user-friendly design. However, stagnation is decay, so our R&D department has recently taken another critical look at the machine. Based on this, we were able to make a number of fine improvements to the machine.

First of all, the Sliver Remover uses less energy due to the use of a smaller gearmotor. Especially in these times, any saving of energy is a welcome bonus. It is also possible to feed the product from both sides of the machine without having to make any adjustments. This is very handy when you need to play with space! Speaking of space, the machine is also almost 200 mm shorter by improving certain parts of the machine. That is also why, from now on, this machine will be known as the Sliver Remover SR2 4/1500. However, the quality of sorting is not affected, as the rolls retain the same length as before! So in short, a more compact machine, but with the same sorting quality!

Finally, the outfeed is completely free of obstacles, the machine is even easier to clean and there is less chance of product accumulation under the rollers. Needless to say, the machine is also completely food-grade built!

By the way, did you know that more than just French fries can pass through our Sliver Remover? The machine is also suitable for various types of fresh-cut fruit, vegetables and nuts.

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