Re-designed versatile peeling machine used for various purposes!

The SKB500 is a batch peeling machine that can be integrated both as stand-alone and in a production line. Over the past few months, Sanne Boots, our mechanical engineering graduate, has been working with our R&D department to reform and upgrade this machine. She conducted research into which technical aspects are important for the target group of this machine and translated this directly into a practical re-design of the machine.

The improved model offers the customer a wide range of personalized options. For example, the machine can be operated with a cylinder or manually, and thanks to the practical design of the support frame, the height of the in- and outfeed can be adjusted according to the customer’s wishes. The water consumption is also configurable so that there is never too little or too much water used. The operating system has also been improved and modernized. To guarantee the same quality of peeling at both the beginning and the end of the season, it is naturally possible to set the peeling times yourself. In addition, it is also possible to adjust the various programs via the HMI screen. Why this is important can be read below the image.

Top view SKB 500

Top view SKB 500


Side view SKB 500

The SKB500 cannot only be used for peeling products, but also for polishing. The customer can easily replace the abrasive linen himself and has the choice between several grain sizes. It is even possible to run the machine without abrasive liners, turning it into a washer. This way, the machine can be used for three purposes. Namely washing, peeling and polishing of products.

Another improvement is the fact that the machine is built to have the highest achievable IP rating. Needless to say, the machine is also easy to clean. This means that the product quality remains guaranteed.

By the way, did you know that with an SKB500 in combination with our improved Slitmaster 85  and Sliver Remover SR2 4/1500 , you can already start a fresh French fries line of 500 kg/hr on a minimal surface area?

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