2020 in retrospect

Without a doubt, it has been a year filled with surprises and uncertainty. Like most, we started the year off with a very positive attitude. In February, Fruit Logistica brought some great opportunities and in addition Sjoerd (Treuen) and I took over the lead of Marcelissen with Guus (Treuen) still maintaining an important role as Technical Advisor & Senior consultant.

After Sjoerd and I started leading Marcelissen, we started by setting clear goals. Moreover, we defined a vision, mission and core values to give clear direction to the outside world and our own employees.

In order to be able to let our staff feel and breathe this concrete direction, we started to invest heavily in knowledge, growth and development of our staff under the project name ‘Developing a healthy Marcelissen!’

Then March came along and all that was familiar fell away. No more playing sports, meeting friends or visiting customers. Borders closed, countries turned to lockdowns and ER’s filling up quickly. In our field of business lots of customers saw their turnover dropping immensely or even had to close down (Restaurants, catering etc.)

For me, just having taken the lead over this innovating and warm-hearted family company, it felt like a disaster. Just in charge and orders falling back, projects being postponed and the uncertainty of how long this, and herewith we, would last.

But we did it! New technologies were developed, new customers were served and new initiatives were founded.

In addition, we were lucky to hire several new colleagues this year. All of them have shown to be a great addition to the firm and it feels like they have been part of our team for years. With these new colleagues, I am looking forward to the sunny days.

And now, whilst taking balance of 2020, I can proudly say that we made it. As one team we worked hard, strived for success and together with our agents, partners & suppliers, made 2020  the best year so far!

I could not be prouder of our team, our customers, agents & dealers. We did it & we will make 2021 even better!

For now, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Jos Derijk