Optical Sorting by Marcelissen

Dependable and innovative processing lines are a must in the potato processing industry. Since Marcelissen is always looking for ways to help optimize their customers’ production processes, we have been developing a brand new Optical Sorter which is now, after extensive testing, ready for production.

The biggest innovation in the new Marcelissen Optical Sorter is the fact that we developed a mechanical ejection system. This system gently pushes the product into the right ‘exit’, resulting in less product damage and reduced chances of contamination compared to traditional systems.

Another innovative aspect of our Optical Sorter is the fact that it pushes out good product instead of bad product. Therefore, no bad product will ever continue further down the line. Of course, our new Optical Sorter is equipped with the latest Machine Vision technology. In addition, the unique camera positioning allows for a perfect 360º image of each and every potato.

Sorting algorithms can be programmed to focus on size, colour, rotten spots, in order to make the right sortation for our customers. Wondering what our new Optical Sorter can do for your production process? Please contact us by clicking the button below.