Valuable insights through online workshops

In recent weeks Marcelissen, in collaboration with the Fontys International Business School and the University of Twente, has organized two online workshops in order to map out our various customer personas even better and to take an extensive look at the ecosystems surrounding our customers. In order to get input from different perspectives, our Sales Agents from all over the world participated in these workshops. Since Marcelissen operates worldwide, we felt it was important not only to map out the differences between our customers in different countries, but also the similarities between them and how they deal with the challenges they face.

By discussing these important topics together, we have gained valuable insights on how to further form our product portfolio in such a way that I’ll even better fit the needs of the customer. In order to continue to serve our customer groups in a sustainable way in the future, we also discussed in detail the wishes and needs of the service generation and how we can add value to their production process and company vision and strategy.

We would also like to thank PhD candidates Lisa Bakir (MSc) and Xander Stegehuis (MSc) once again for supervising the workshops and of course our agents for sharing all their knowledge and experience. We have work to do!

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