Optical Sorter SOM-2

The heart of every production line. Technology to steer production streams. Data-driven analysis and increased efficiency.  In short, the future of food processing.

It has been six months since we’ve first introduced our new optical sorter using a mechanical ejection system, gently gliding the product towards the right exit. And what a time has it been!

Our improved Optical Sorter has several innovative aspects among which the fact that it pushes out good product as well as bad product into different exits. Therefore, no bad product will ever continue further down the line. Furthermore, sorting algorithms can be programmed to focus on size, colour, rotten spots, in order to make the right sortation for our customers.

Especially the sorting on size in combination with the possibility of an unlimited amount of exits is an aspect that will help our customers increase their efficiency and decrease their loss of product and waste material.

Since our Optical Sorter analyses and assesses each potato individually, customer can determine the further processing of each single product. Do you have loads of potatoes without any defects? Maybe you’re peeling off too much of the skin and want to adjust your peeling machines to see how much you can decrease the peeling losses. Are you processing large and small potatoes at the same time? By sorting on size you can determine which size of potatoes gets which treatment further in the line. For example, the large ones are going towards a Hydro Cutter or quartering machine to be cut into French fries or quarters whereas the small potatoes are sent directly to the weighing and packing station. The possibilities are endless.

Needless to say that our new Optical Sorter is equipped with the latest Machine Vision technology. In addition, the unique camera positioning allows for a perfect 360º image of each and every potato. This also ensures that no manual inspection is needed after the potatoes have gone through the Optical Sorter. Limiting your labour costs as well as your margin of error in the end product.

By installing an Optical Sorter From Marcelissen you not only replace expensive staff members but more important have a guarantee for continuous high quality. This continuous quality can only be achieved when you have a singled product, a fully visible product, able to continuously deal with the requested capacity and able to remove all defects no matter what the percentage is (up to 1mm2). Interested to discover more? Click here for more details on the Optical Sorter or contact us directly at