Spotlight: Drum Knife Peeler

For many years the Marcelissen Knife Peeler has been the standard for peeling and repeeling root and beet vegetables at many companies worldwide. With its full stainless steel design, minimum of wearable parts and easy-to-clean concept it is the first choice of many industrial or medium sized food-processing companies. But what makes a good Knife Peeler?

Good material creates even better output

It all starts with the materials used. Like in every business, good input creates even better output. That’s why we only use AISI 304 stainless steel, IP56 drives and Food-Grade oil and plastics. All these raw materials ensure that our Knife Peeler is safe to use and a worthwhile and durable investment. That’s why we are pleased to see that still today, more and more food-processing companies are finding their way to our Knife Peelers and seeing its added value compared to alternatives in the market.

However, materials used is not the only factor in creating a good or bad machine. At least as importance are the design choices made, always keeping in mind our customer’s wishes and demands. That’s why our engineers have dedicated themselves to creating a design and functioning of the machine in such a manner that our customer can achieve an optimal result.

Feedback for optimal results

This can only be done when actively asking for feedback and improvements from our customer using a Marcelissen Knife Peeler, so that’s what we did. For example, the cleaning system of our knife peelers. We have developed a cleaning system within our knife peelers that can (partially) clean machine mid-production, making it easier to completely clean it at the end of the day. Also, pre-cleaning inside the machine without opening the machine is one of the features we added. Lastly, CIP (Cleaning in place), the usage of Food-Grade oil and using hygienic welding are materials and processes that we incorporated to make our Knife Peelers more hygienic and durable. This in term has multiple benefits for our customers, since they not only receive more hygienic machines but also cleaning time reduction, longer lifetime of machines and possibly even personnel cost reductions due to the higher efficiency of the machines.

Interested in more unique facts about our Knife Peeler? Take a look at the Fact sheet underneath.

More information

    Drum Knife Peeler – SMT

    1. Lower total expenses

    Score a better deal at Marcelissen. Do not only consider the purchasing price but take the total costs of a machine (TCO) into account. Inquire the cost of spare parts and maintenance at our competitors and compare them to ours.

    Drum Knife Peeler Lifetime Costs

    2. Machine capacity customized to your needs

    The machine capacity is completely depending on the specific potato product that you want to process. We at Marcelissen are experts in processing potatoes and use our knowledge to select a machine that suits your capacity needs.

    Imagine the difference in peeling new potatoes versus repeeling steam/abrasive peeled potatoes. The processing speed varies between these potato products, that is why our datasheet includes a capacity range (for example 1500-2000 kg/hr).

    3. Higher durability

    We strive for the highest durability for you as a customer. Most competitors use aluminium or plastics as the main material for the drum. Our drum is composed of stainless steel which is considerably more durable compared to aluminium.

    The drum is suspended via two shafts which are in turn supported by four high performance bearings. This equally distributes the load over the whole construction and lengthens the lifetime of the machine. The plastics in the machine are food grade.

    The drum is powered by a motor which is connected via a shaft coupling. The coupling protects the motor for peaks in force from the load which also increases durability.

    4. Reduced downtime

    You only need to grease bearings once a month at six easily accessible locations.

    You might be used to other knife peelers where the main drum wears down at the infeed. As a consequence, you need to manually disassemble the complete drum and rotate it to switch the infeed and outfeed sides. This is a tedious task. This is not necessary for our Knife Peeler! Our drum does not wear down at the infeed due to the usage of better materials. There are only a few food grade plastic parts that can be replaced fairly quickly.

    Replacing knives is easy as one, two, three due to our knifebar technology solution.

    1) remove nuts 2) replace knives incl. welded bolts 3) tighten nuts

    5. Inspection inside the drum

    An additional feature of our knifebar technology is the possibility to inspect the inside of the machine without losing capacity. Check the inside in seconds!

    1) Inspection 2) Nozzles 3) Protection

    6. Cleaning features

    Spray nozzles on the screw and rotating spray nozzles on the roof clean the inside of your machine.

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