Sliver Remover madness at Marcelissen

From the USA to Greece and everything in between. For the last two months our Sliver Removers have been selling like hot cakes. In both the industrial version as well as the Foodservice/Catering Sliver Remover we saw an unprecedented number of orders.

Whether it is due to the fact that the rollers of all Sliver Removers are adjustable during the production process, a unique addition that can only be found on a Marcelissen Sliver Remover, or the fact that the adjustability is no less than 20(!) mm, everyone is convinced of the qualities of our Sliver Remover SR2.

In addition to their user-friendliness, Sliver Remover SR2’s are also more maintenance-friendly than previous generations or alternative machines. For example, the wear parts have a longer lifespan and the improved maintenance possibilities ensure a shorter downtime and lower maintenance costs, aspects that make all the difference in the world for an efficient operation.

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