Slitmaster or hitmaster?

Slitmaster 85 industrial French fries cutter

Recently we introduced the latest model of our professional fries cutter – the Slitmaster 85. We are pleased to announce that this introduction has been received with great enthusiasm by the market. As a result, the first product series has already been sold out completely! The many positive messages that we received were satisfying and even made us a little proud. Of course, we won’t sit back, we’ve actually already started production of a second series of Slitmaster 85s. Pre-ordering can be done as of today!

The Slitmaster 85 is defined by the unique shape of the rotor, which ensures that the machine always cuts the longest possible fries. Sounds good right? Something that’s very short however, is the time it takes to replace the machine’s knife roll. Thanks to the new ‘quick-release’ system, this takes less than a minute! Furthermore, the machine is characterized by its versatility. For example, by adjusting the rotation speed of the blades, it is possible to cut both peeled and unpeeled potatoes. This way, you can choose between beautiful golden fries or artisan fries with crispy skin.

Curious about all the new advantages? Check out our Slitmaster 85 product page for all details or reach out to us!