NEW: Occasions for sale

Occasion SR2

Are you looking for a used machine for processing potatoes, beets, carrots or other root vegetables?

For years, Marcelissen has now and then had occasion machines for sale due to trade-ins, replacements or just to help out our customers who wanted to get rid of their used machines. However, since a couple of weeks, we have now dedicated a special page on our website to these occasion machines that we have in stock.

We strongly believe that machines, even though being used for multiple years, can, when refurbished, be a good addition to your production process. Whether you’re a start-ups looking to limit their investment by combining new and refurbished machines or an established company looking to experiment or expand their production at lower cost, new is not always necessary.

Please note that the amount and type of occasions can change on a daily basis, from used but refurbished machines to demo machines that have only been displayed at an exhibition. Curious what we have in stock at the moment? Find them here!