Newest development in Marcelissen cutting machines: Introducing the Slitmaster 85

Slitmaster 85 industrial potato cutter

Slitmaster cutting machines are a well-known phenomenon in fresh french fries production. Especially in the restaurant & catering business, our cutters have a long history of success.

Over the past two years, our engineers worked hard on developing a new model Slitmaster, which became the Slitmaster 85. The 85 referring to the maximum diameter of product that can be cut with this machine. Whilst the basis of the machine remained the Slitmaster SLM (previous model) we made several improvements concerning cleaning, maintenance, and accessibility in order to provide our customers with an even better user experience.

One of those improvements is the easy mount & release mechanism to exchange knife set. This was a tedious and precise task in the past which can now be done in under 30 seconds!

Curious to know what else we improved? Have a look at our Slitmaster 85 productpage for all details!