Support out of office hours?

Even when you’re maintaining your machines extremely well and doing all that is possible to keep your machines up and running, an unexpected breakdown can always occur.

At Marcelissen, we highly value service and strive to be available at all times for our customer, but who do you contact in case of an emergency? The first in line to contact outside office hours is Bram Cox, our Production Manager, who can be reached at +31 (0) 6 395 499 03. He can assess your emergency and often provide remote assistance to get your machinery running again. Should remote assistance not suffice, he can make arrangements to get a service engineer at your facility.

On the off chance that Bram isn’t available, Sjoerd Treuen, our Technical Director is of course at your disposal.

In case you have a service contract at Marcelissen, A separate, direct, number can be found in your service contract itself, for even quicker service and advice at any time.

Not yet in possession of one but curious as to what a service contract at Marcelissen comprises of? Contact our sales team here for more information!